How I (sort of) cope with a (sort of) fear of flying

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Despite having flown about 8,763 times last year, I still have a bit of a fear of flying. It’s not so bad that I’m terrified for the whole flight, and it weirdly only happens on shorter journeys, but it does mean that whenever a bit of turbulence hits I can turn into a tense, anxious, and fidgety mess. Here… Continue reading How I (sort of) cope with a (sort of) fear of flying

Tips for Solo Travelling

Solo travelling is a type of excursion people will look at on the face it as a daunting, challenging and unconventional experience. Some people may fear the possibility of going to another country and struggling with surroundings that is not home to them. If you’re as young as I am you’ll likely have an older relative who’s going to be apprehensive wondering whether I’m okay … Continue reading Tips for Solo Travelling

5 Things You Must Do In Cardiff

Cardiff is a blast from the past, into the present and into the future. It’s ironic that I put it in that way as Cardiff has been a home to many locations used for Doctor Who, which I’m a major fan of, and those locations include the Cardiff Bay and Wales Millennium Centre. Going around Cardiff actually gives you the vibe that you’re time travelling. … Continue reading 5 Things You Must Do In Cardiff

The Bloscar Awards nomination by @katielaurenblog

Guys, I have a confession to make: The whole “Bloscar” award pun on the real life Oscars went over my head since Katie from katielaurenblogs gave me the award, which was two and a half weeks ago. When I realised I felt so dumb it was unbelievable! I’m actually very slow when it comes to most humour haha! Speaking of Katie, a personal thanks to … Continue reading The Bloscar Awards nomination by @katielaurenblog

7 Travel Essentials Needed When Travelling

When it comes to packing our belongings for a getaway, we are so keen to pack many things into our checked luggage, cabin luggage and even our cabin bags and pouches (Ladies I’m looking at you mainly) in order for us to maximise our enjoyment and have the necessities to get through all the days of the excursion. (e.g. portable devices, clothes, shoes, snacks, bathroom … Continue reading 7 Travel Essentials Needed When Travelling